What is a hybrid car? Pros and cons of hybrid


Hybrid Electrical Vehicle (Hybrid Electrical Vehicle, abbreviated as HEV) refers to a vehicle equipped with two power sources at the same time-thermal power source (generated by a traditional gasoline engine or diesel engine) and electric power source (battery and electric motor). By using electric motors in hybrid vehicles, the power system can be flexibly adjusted … Read more

The importance of engine oil maintenance


Engine oil is engine lubricating oil. Its function is to lubricate the parts between the engines, and has a certain function of cooling and heat dissipation. It also has many functions such as auxiliary cooling, sealing and leakage prevention, rust , save fuel and corrosion prevention, shock absorption and buffering. Known as “blood”. The importance … Read more

7 ways to save fuel while driving

save fuel

How to save fuel while driving? 1.Maintain the speed: Vehicles will have economical speeds. Driving at economical speeds will save the car’s fuel consumption. During the operation of the car, driving in a straight line at a constant speed is the most fuel-efficient. For vehicles with small displacements, 60-80 km/h is more fuel-efficient, with medium … Read more

How to save fuel while driving


When you are driving, you should have encountered the problem of speed limit on a certain section of road. The main reason is to ensure the safety of driving. At this time, everyone needs to drive safely, but some people who don’t know the car don’t know that the car is a minute It’s not … Read more