BYD E-SEED GT sports car


Speaking of sports cars, domestic consumers still buy purely imported cars. Although the development of domestic independent brands is very rapid, there is still a long way to be recognized by consumers. Domestic BYD has also been popular in the past two years. Since the beginning of the year, its models are very rich, with … Read more

2022 Chery Tiggo 3 Classic Premium Edition

2022 Chery Tiggo 3 shows

Recently, it was learned from Chery that the 2022 Chery Tiggo 3 (parameter δΈ¨ picture) classic premium version will be launched on October 18. Four models with two powers are expected to be launched. Chery Tiggo 3 is the first SUV model under the Chery brand and was launched in 2005. The updated 2022 Chery … Read more

BYD Tang DM-i will be pre-sold in early January, equipped with blade batteries


We learned from BYD officials that BYD Tang DM-i will be pre-sold in early January. It is reported that the new car and Tang DM pursue acceleration and four-wheel drive off-road performance. Tang DM-i is more inclined to take advantage of the energy-saving advantages of hybrid technology and maximize fuel economy. Judging from the official … Read more

Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Bugatti is an automobile manufacturer from France. Bugatti has many hypercars under its umbrella. The models under this brand have been sought after by numerous car fans. Bugatti La Voiture Noire mass production version released, limited to one worldwide. In 2021, Bugatti released a new model, this car is La Voiture Noire. Let us take … Read more

Why Porsche so expensive


Why is a Porsche so expensive? After reading the cutaways of the car, you will understand why it is expensive! With the continuous development of economy and technology in this era, I believe that everyone in the automobile market is also obvious to all. The development of the automobile market is also getting faster and … Read more

Ferrari 296 GTB will debut in China


The new design concept is coming, and the Ferrari 296 GTB will debut in China on October 11th Recently, the editor learned from relevant channels that the Ferrari 296 GTB will debut in China on October 11, and it is worth noting that there is reliable news that the new car will be officially delivered … Read more