The world’s best-selling car


The world’s best-selling brands and models have been released. Toyota ranked first in 44 countries and cities in the 110-country survey; and the most popular models are also surprising. Due to different national conditions and consumer preferences, each country has the most popular car brands and car models. The foreign media “Automotive Touch Up” has … Read more

Foxconn launches the automotive brand Foxtron

On October 18th, Foxconn officially released its pure electric vehicle brand Foxtron, and launched three new cars-Model C, Model E and Model T, these three new cars are oriented to different fields. Among them, Model C is positioned as a pure electric medium SUV, Model E is positioned as a pure electric medium and large … Read more

Audi Q2L


As the leader of luxury car brands, FAW-Volkswagen Audi has been favored by consumers for its individual appearance design and excellent configuration. In order to meet the needs of consumers, Audi has upgraded its custom luxury car Audi Q2L. The upgraded Audi Q2L not only has a more individual appearance, but also has a better … Read more

Tesla headquarters will be moved to Texas


American Tesla CEO Elon Musk said at the annual shareholder meeting on the 7th that the headquarters of the electric car manufacturer will be moved from California to Texas. Tesla’s headquarters is currently located in Palo Alto, the core area of ​​Silicon Valley. Musk said that the local cost of living is high, and many … Read more

The fastest car in the world

Bradhand LSR

The fastest car in the world, 200,000 horsepower, strong kinetic energy, up to 1,600 kilometers per hour! This is the fastest car in the world. Its name is Bradhand LSR, also known as sonic racing. It is designed and manufactured by British engineers. The shape of the rocket car is the shape of a rocket … Read more