The world’s best-selling car

The world’s best-selling brands and models have been released. Toyota ranked first in 44 countries and cities in the 110-country survey; and the most popular models are also surprising.

Due to different national conditions and consumer preferences, each country has the most popular car brands and car models. The foreign media “Automotive Touch Up” has the highest market share and best-selling car models in each country from 2019 to 2020. Toyota ( Toyota) not only won the first place in 44 countries and cities in 110 countries, but also the best-selling pickup truck, not the Corolla or RAV4 that most people think of.


The top 3 best-selling cars in the world have Toyota models, and they are won by Hilux, not Corolla or RAV4 as most people think of. )

First in the world’s best-selling car brand, Toyota ranked first among 44 countries, mainly in East Asia, South Asia, South Africa and other places; and the second is Volkswagen, which sells best in 17 countries. Mainly in Europe, China and Russia; as for the third place, Renault and Hyundai (Hyundai) were tied together, and they were the best sellers in the 5 countries.

Among the countries in the market, Yemen has the highest concentration of single car models. The local new car Toyota accounted for 93.9%, of which Land Cruiser accounted for 52.4%. On the contrary, Austria, the local Skoda Octavia became the champion with only 3.2% of the city. It is worth mentioning that the country with the highest concentration of a single model is in Yemen. Among them, Toyota Land Cruiser accounts for 52.4% of new car sales locally, and Toyota brand accounts for 93.9% of all new cars; and the most dispersed models The country is Austria, because although Skoda Octavia is Austria’s best-selling car in 2020, it only accounts for 3.2% of the market, and competition is fierce.

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